Interested in learning more about Food Safety? Check out these valuable resources!

GROW: Resources for Growers

Where can I find general food safety information related to Good Agricultural Practices (GAPs) & Good Handling Practices (GHPs)?

Where are training materials for workers available?

Where can I find information about farm food safety plans and self-audits?

Audit Information:

FDA Guidance for Industry:

These guides are the basis for the GAPs standards and contain pertinent background information about where food safety issues occur and how they can be mitigated. The USDA also publishes a list of GAP/GHP certified firms for every state, and by commodity.

Manure Information:

Water Information

Controlling Wildlife

Sanitary Facilities

Packing Facilities

Transportation & Traceability

Farmers' Markets

PREPARE: Resources for Restaurants, Food Service and Retail Establishments

EAT: Resources for Consumers

Food Safety and Fresh Produce

Food Safety and Home Food Preservation

Food Safety in an Emergency Situation

For High Risk Populations (pregnant women, young children, elderly, immunocompromised)